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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During a Pandemic

Looking for ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day during quarantine? Here are some fun, romantic, and safe ways to celebrate in 2021!

Breakfast in bed

Start Valentine’s Day on the right note by sharing a meal with your significant other. You can make breakfast from scratch, order in, or pick up delicious pastries from a local bakery. Try topping it off with colorful fruits, desserts, and mimosas!

A few years ago, I tried surprising Mark with breakfast in bed. However, it went horribly wrong! I had cooked some breakfast and placed it nicely on top of a wooden tray. I poured a cup of orange juice and added some nice flowers. Once it was all ready, I slowly picked up the tray to bring it to the room. Next thing I know, one side of the tray fell apart (loose screw? I don’t even remember), and the food started sliding off. Mark was awakened, not by the sweet smell of bacon and pancakes that I had cooked up, but by the loud, shattering noises of the whole tray crashing on the floor. Food was everywhere, the glass cup had shattered, and my surprise was ruined. Warning: Be careful with the trays you use to transport the food!

Dessert Board

Move aside charcuterie boards! Dessert boards are a really sweet alternative to enjoy a night in. You can easily create your own dessert board by purchasing your favorite chocolates and treats. Adding fruits like raspberries and strawberries really adds a pop of color to your board. Lastly, include some greenery with fresh herbs such as mint and thyme. Pair it with wine, candles, and a playlist full of love songs on Spotify for a truly romantic evening.

Photo Shoot

We had a lot of fun taking pictures for Valentine’s Day. We purchased a background from Amazon and picked up a few red heart shaped balloons from Party City. It was really nice to finally get dressed up again after nearly a year of sweatpants and comfy sweaters. You can use Pinterest or just google “couple portraits” for inspiration. Apart from that, just have fun with different props while sneaking kisses behind the balloons!

Virtual Run/Walk

We signed up for a Valentine’s Day virtual 5K through Medal Dash. They sent us t-shirts,  medals, and race bibs. We went in the middle of the day in a neighborhood close by. Small confession: Due to the heat and Miles slowing us down to pee on every tree, it was more of a 5K walk for us. We still had fun, and it was a really great way to be active together. I suggest making it a race with your partner, and the loser can buy dinner afterwards!

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